Monday, 23 June 2014

San Felice Circeo


San Felice is a very well-known sea side holiday destination for Italians. It was considered an exclusive sea side resort in the 1980s: its marina was full of impressive yachts and boats and the town had posh restaurants and shops. Nowadays, it is less high-class but still retains some of the exclusive feel. It can still cost a lot of money to rent a villa in San Felice during the summer. Millionaires still own some of the secluded villas hidden on Mount Circeo.

There are actually two different San Felices. The older one with medieval origins is on top of the Circeo mountain overlooking the sea. The more modern town is down below, scattered behind the sea. The older town is a beautiful spot, where you can sit and have a coffee in one of the many bars. You can also wander around the small medieval town and have a look at its small boutiquey shops. The more modern town has a lot of shops as well. One of my favourite ice cream shops is here on the Via Tittoni called Il Gelatone. All home made and delicious!

The name Circeo is thought to originate from the witch Circe in Homer's Odyssey. The witch in the book lives on an island and mount Circeo, being so close to the sea, could easily once have been an island, surrounded by the sea.This is also the area where bones of Neanderthal man were found - in one of the many caves that are on the mountain. There are also beautiful grottoes that can be explored by boat. The beaches are easier to get to and are very beautiful, but less remote than the ones near Sabaudia. As you can see, this is an area with lots to offer.


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