Monday, 23 June 2014

Sperlonga and The Grotto of Tiberius

Sperlonga is about an hour drive from the house. It is a small town on a hill right next to the sea. It is very beautiful all whitewashed, a contrast to the blue sea. You can park outside the town and then walk around the narrow streets.

The beaches nearby are very lovely, but a bit narrow. It is best to go here during the week as it gets quite busy during the weekend. At the other end of the beach to the small town is the Ancient Roman site of Tiberius' Grotto. There is a small museum which is full of statues that were in the grotto. You can then wander around the ruins and the grotto itself. It is just next to the sea and it becomes very obvious why Tiberius chose this spot - it is so beautiful!

Tiberius used to hold incredible banquets for his guests in this grotto. It is wonderful to imagine ancient Romans dining in the grotto with the huge statues around them, pools of water and fountains with exotic fish.


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